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    Bridging Acute and Post-Acute Healthcare Professionals

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the National Post-Acute Care Continuum is to educate and share best practices in post-acute care and care transitions that are aligned with the mandates of health care reform through national summits and local events.

The vision of the National Post-Acute Care Continuum is to lead the transformation of post-acute healthcare through education, best practice innovation and change.

A fast-changing post-acute landscape offers opportunities to shift the paradigm. In the wake of  health care reform, forward-thinking organizations and practitioners are learning to embrace change, ask better questions, and explore new possibilities; in short, to implement the survival skills of industry leaders. The demand for more and better quality care at lower cost demands new thinking, and NPACC is committed to building a network of like-minded people and organizations whose pursuit of best practices is practical: informed by genuine needs, driven by shared interests, and committed to helping others collaborate toward best practices in a changing healthcare landscape.

NPACC was established to support meaningful connections and learning across the community of acute- and post-acute care providers working to make a measurably positive impact. We are committed to amplifying the vision of professionals and organizations working together to improve practices in person-centered care, and to sharing knowledge and resources via local and national furthering educational/learning opportunities that further this purpose.


Board of Directors

The NPACC is a self-sustaining organization [501(c)(3) IRS confirmation letter] whose mission, vision and goals are managed entirely by its Board of Directors. Members are generally expected to serve at least three years. For 2015/2016, the Board members are as follows:

President – Chuck Bongiovanni Member – Scott Fischer
Vice President – Keith Kuhn Member – David Wilkins
Treasurer – Becky Bongiovanni


NPACC Speakers Include:

Suela Sulo, PhD, MSc
Jane Marks
Jane Ryan head shot
Jane Ryan, PhD, RD, FAND
Jennifer Carson, PhD
Jennifer Carson, PhD
Dr. Eric Coleman
Dr. Eric Coleman, MD, MPH
Mike Splaine, Founder Cognitive Solutions
Michael Splaine, CEO
Tracy R. Smith
Tracy R. Smith, PhD, RD, LD
Chuck Bongiovanni, CEO - NPACC Team
Chuck Bongiovanni, MSW, MBA, CSA, CFE
Scott Goates, PhD, MS
Scott Goates, PhD, MS
Jamie Partridge portrait
Jamie Partridge, PhD, MBA
Kate Gordon of Cognitive Solutions
Kate Gordon, MSW
Placeholder Image for Elizabeth E. Hogue's portrait
Elizabeth E. Hogue

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