About NPACC Chapters:

NPACC is devoted to finding more and better ways to encourage collaboration and synergy across post-acute stakeholders, especially those managing senior populations, many of whom until recently had little to no occasion or opportunity to collaborate.

NPACC Chapter Vision:

The vision of the National Post-Acute Care Continuum is to lead the transformation of post-acute healthcare through education, best practice innovation and change.

NPACC Chapter Mission:

The purpose of the National Post-Acute Care Continuum is to educate and share best practices in post-acute care and care transitions that are aligned with the mandates of health care reform through national summits and local events.

NPACC’s success depends upon collective buy-in to a singular vision and purpose. The value and utility of any organization depends upon the character of its partners and local advocates, and its Chapters’ ability to facilitate members’ understanding of and access to best-in-class solutions.

Links to NPACC Chapter Websites

Local Chapters recognized by NPACC are offered space on this website, and a logo linked to their official NPACC chapter website will be added below once all the required information is filed at NPACC headquarters. Each Chapter site will provide at least the following to site visitors: Chapter event information (times/dates/locations) and a current list of Chapter Board members (names, photos, email, and bios). Click on any icon below for details:

State Chapter Name Chapter Logo


 Greater Villages Chapter


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New York / Connecticut

Greater New York / Fairfield Connecticut Chapter (GNYFC)

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(Please note: NPACC Websites are hosted/maintained by NPACC HQ; Chapter information is updated by Chapter members, and posted/updated online as it becomes available).

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NPACC founders know that best practices are a moving target that requires attention at the micro and macro levels. Our chapters offer a path to organize and / or partner in ways that productively connect like-minded practitioners. NPACC seeks partnerships that can add insight, value, visibility, and the potential for better–and larger scale–coordination of effort with organizations whose efforts may otherwise be happening ad-hoc, by state, or within the confines of a single entity.

NPACC’s growing network of local Chapters increasingly connects local voices to the national conversations. Because members are involved in healthcare changes happening at local levels, NPACC Chapters offer unique potential for members to learn from local voices, thought leaders and changemakers, and connect to a larger conversation that facilitates best practices. The approach is evolving now for a future where reducing readmissions in immediate and measurable ways has already happened, and examining root causes to prevent unnecessary admissions is the norm.

NPACC Chapters exist within the organizational umbrella of NPACC (NPACC.org). Chapter activities and events are therefore shaped by NPACC’s philosophy that those invested in helping others understand / embrace change are best equipped to lead it. Chapter Boards work in close communication / collaboration with NPACC.org to ensure brand integrity and facilitate timely national input / appropriate support for local activities. The long-term vision for NPACC Chapters is that each will become, a valuable resource and hub of knowledge and expertise in post-acute care.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chapters:

NPACC Chapters are volunteer-run entities whose activities are shaped by local information gaps / needs, Chapter leaders, and NPACC’s mission. We believe in connecting proactive, forward-thinking problem solvers, and that you’re here suggests you are one. Here are some FAQ’s:

Q: How do I join a Chapter?

A: Membership is annual, and currently costs $50 per year. This link will take you to the membership portal.

Q: Who can join NPACC?

A: NPACC was established with healthcare service professionals in mind. Those who will benefit and contribute most to this organization should self-identify as professionals participating in healthcare-related services / service provision.

Q: Who governs local Chapters? 

A: The national entity, which is a non-profit, Board-run organization. Chapters are volunteer-run organizations whose applications have been approved by the national organization.

Q: How do Chapters get a website presence?

A: Formally recognized chapters must provide web-ready content, including photos and bios. Once all materials requested by national are received, NPACC.org establishes a branded web presence, and hosts that chapter’s content. Chapters are responsible providing updated information to the national entity on a regular basis.

Q: Who is responsible for organizing local events?

A: Chapter Boards and their members organize approved local events. These may include a combination of chapter meetings, quarterly presentations, or other special events that facilitate professional learning and collaboration.

Q: How do Chapter Boards decide what topics to cover / events to hold?

A: Chapter Boards and their members provide input in consultation with HQ to organize impactful events that include post-acute community stakeholders. Topics of interest are linked to themes and developments in the local and national landscape. Membership and event-planning  should facilitate NPACC’s ability connect people and communities to knowledge they need in a fast-changing, increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Q: How do we support NPACC’s growth and NPACC Chapters’ success?

A: NPACC provides approved Chapters with a logo, templated collateral, and a chapter webpage space. NPACC Chapters must partner with the central entity / headquarters, because Chapters have an evolving role that will only grow. Chapters encourage, facilitate and reflect local, regional, and national understanding of and access to best-in-class solutions, because NPACC Chapter events can offer ways to share them.

NPACC’s success depends upon its members’ buy-in to and operationalize NPACC’s community-minded collective vision and purpose. The perceived value and success of any organization depends upon the character of its partners and local advocates.

Q: How can I start a chapter in my area?

A: Interested parties must complete an application (email info@npacc.org).  To be considered for Chapter status, the application will need to list at least three dues-paying NPACC members committed to being the founding Chapter Board (Chapter President, Chapter VP, Chapter Secretary). The founding members commit to building a membership, communicating with NPACC headquarters, and connecting to and across their local Post-Acute community.

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of fair representation, no Board/Chapter may be established (or exclusively run) by a single Post-Acute provider type or specific business entity (ex: Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Hospital, Rehab Hospital, Hospice, Home Health, etc.).

Strategically, local action is the best driver of change. Members’ willingness to capture, reflect, and share local knowledge can “trickle up” across state lines through summits and other opportunities. Successes (once characterized and shared as presentations, case studies, or interactive discussions), offer others seeking new methods food for thought, and models to inspire individuals and support their communities of practice.

NPACC is interested in collaborating to connect and create opportunities. We invite anyone interested in chapter information, partnerships and/or collaboration to reach out and ask questions. Shared visibility and recognition supports community efforts, which in turn support the broader vision and mission of the NPACC.

If you’re out to change the world of healthcare one best practice at a time, we’re here to try to help you do it.

More About the Origin and Purpose of NPACC

NPACC is a resource established to help healthcare professionals and practitioners collaborate productively so they can meet health care reform mandates, manage change, and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving Medicare landscape. NPACC supports these activities by providing and promoting industry leadership and practical strategies that forward-thinking organizations and practitioners can use to embrace changes, ask better questions, and explore new possibilities—tools they need as they learn to implement the survival skills required of 21st century leaders.

The NPACC name was chosen because issues change, and organizational growth and sustainability matter. While many stakeholders are focused on readmissions prevention today, service- and education-oriented organizations expecting to maintain relevance and growth beyond the next two years must position their identity to accommodate a shifting constellation of healthcare issues with a common denominator of interest in understanding, recognizing and implementing best practices. As a brand, then, NPACC is broad and flexible enough to accommodate inevitable changes more gracefully than before; our aim is to grow a network of experts across chapters in ways that will be as relevant tomorrow, or 10 years from now, as they are today.

NPACC Chapters operate exclusively in partnership with the 501 (c)(3) parent organization, and represent a locally representative, informed regional voice within the national membership network. Chapters who are officially recognized by NPACC have a custom logo and collateral supplied to them by NPACC, and benefit from the resources affiliated with centralized management of a national operation. Because Chapters are considered local extensions of the larger non-profit entity, no group may claim NPACC affiliation without a complete application on file at headquarters (in Phoenix, AZ), that is approved by the national NPACC Board of Directors, and updated annually to ensure correct information can be distributed. Chapters are expected to stay in regular communication with headquarters to facilitate smooth collaboration and non-profit compliance across local and national operations.

Benefits joining (or starting) a Chapter:

The benefits of membership in a local NPACC chapter in 2017 rest in NPACC’s investment and belief in collaborative problem-solving, particularly when it begins with networking stakeholders whose common interest is rooted educating themselves and others to proactively improve quality of care in a value-driven healthcare delivery calculus.

Direct benefits to those who join include:

  • Networking and educational opportunities with like-minded professionals at meetings and events.
  • Low-cost membership: $50 annual fee (payable online: https://goo.gl/05hRzV)
  • Three local events, opportunities to work with NPACC and co-host a National-level summit
  • Access to continuing education credits (CEUs) as they are available

Ready to commit? Email info@npacc.org:

Once payment is processed, your chapter will be notified that you are a member in good standing, with affiliated rights and responsibilities as outlined in the chapter bylaws. If you have questions about registration, payments, or events, or you experience technical difficulties, please feel free to email us at info@npacc.org or call 844-672-2216.